Klinger Additional Rustic Building

I'm at the Arkathon event and I can't ask you to vote for my Rustic mod, I'm going to ask you to vote for the mod you like the most!


With this mod you add a new class of structures that are between normal primitive wood and stone structures.

Mod features:

Roofs: *It has 18 rustic roof variants so that players' creativity can go to the limit!

Walls: *13 wall variants.

Ramp/Stairs: *8 variants of stairs and ramps so that the player has complete freedom to build his base however he wants.

Extra non-structural structures that come with the mod:






*Decoration items.

I will go into more detail on these items soon.

Discord of my ark/Atlas mods, Be polite, don't spam or treat anyone there in a bad way: ...


Engram entries:



Engram_Beds Engram_CabinetsChairsTables Engram_ClayFilter Engram_KGreenHouseCeiling Engram_KGreenHouseDoor Engram_KGreenHouseRoof Engram_KGreenHouseWall Engram_KRusticForge Engram_KWoodCeiling Engram_KWoodDoor Engram_KWoodFloor Engram_KWoodLadders Engram_KWoodPillar Engram_KWoodWall Engram_RusticToilet Engram_WallSapLighting EngramEntry_CropPlot_Large EngramEntry_Ramp_Wood EngramKWoodRoof EngramStoragesBox

I needed to restrict comments because I was going crazy replying to people via dm, in comments from different mods, I'm going to ask to join the mod's official discord, so it's better for me to be able to reply to everyone: https://discord.gg/NtUHYRpG