Kavan's Shop & Missions

Ark mod imported from legacy.



This mod adds missions to the game 15 at the moment that will reward you with Items and Goldcoins.
The Goldcoins can be spend in the shop that gets added with the mod.
You can also get Goldcoins by trading items in for them in the exchange shop.
The Shop and the Goldcoin exchange is totaly customizable.
Loot boxes, Dino Spawners and Baby/Egg Spawners can be created and added to the shop.
There is also a system that allows you to make missions and set rewards for completing them.
Players are able to trade Goldcoins.
Has a litte game were players can spend there Goldcoins to win prizes. This is fully customizable. You need to at least create 18 differenct prizes for the game to work.
World Buffs can be added to the shop for purchase or, Loot Boxes or as a mission reward.
Holding R allows to open a Menu were you can see activ World Buffs.

All the menus and shops are opend from your inventory or by holding R.
All customization options are admin only on servers.

###Upgrade Table:

-Players can use there Goldcoins to upgrade Weapons, Tools and Armor
-It also lets players sell there Blueprints, Weapons, Tools and Armor for Goldcoins.
-All that is configurable with INI settings. The Upgrade Table is not enabled by default.

###Sell Station:

-Players can create there own shop were they can sell Items like Blueprints, Weapons, Armor and Filled Cryopods to other Players, Goldcoins from sold items can be collected at the Sell station.
-Every Player can only have one Sell Station per server and it can only be used by the owner
-Player can Access other players Shops via the Player Trade menu
-The inventory solts can be set with INI settings. The Sell Station is not enabled by default


Goldcoinsovertime= ( the amount of Goldcoins players get every 30 min )
DisableMissions= ( true or false if true will disable missions )
BuffIconColor= ( 0 Green, 1 Light Blue, 2 Dark Blue, 3 Orange, 4 Red, 5 Yellow, 6 Pink, 7 Turquoise, 8 will hide the buff icon )
UseCustomWelcomeScreen= / True or False )
WelcomeHeader= ( Put the header for the welcome message here )
WelcomeMessage= ( Put your welcome message here )
UseCustomSaveDir= ( True or False )
CustomSaveDIr= ( Put your custom SaveDIr path here. Use ../ to move one folder level up. )
PVPGoldcoinGain= True Enables that players will get a % of the Goldcoins of the players they kill.
PVPGoldLossPercent= Enter Whole numbers from 1 to 100 this will set how mutch % of Gold is transfered after a kill.
PVPKillCountsDelay= Enter a delay in secounds for how long after a player "A" last damaged player "B" and player "B" kills him seelf or gets killed by wild dinos and kill sill counts for player "A"
PVPDisableKillFeed= True Disables the messages at the players screens after pvp kills.
UseCustomInfoScreen= ( If true opening the info menu will bring up an Ui with the Welcome message set in
the gus and the buttons to select the mod lang and a Discord button )
DiscordLink= ( you can put a link to an discord here if the player then clikcs the button
the link will get opened in the steam browser )
SpawnedMissionDinosDontLeaveCorpse= ( If true spawned mission dinos will not leave a corps that players can harvest )
GoldcoinInterval= ( With this you can change the interval at witch players get Goldcoins over time put it in as secounds )
AllowCurrencyExchange=false ( If true player can exchange Goldcoins and Hexagons in the trade menu )
HexagonToGoldcoinRate=1.0 ( the rate at with you exchange )
GoldcoinToHexagonRate=1.0 ( the rate at with you exchange )

EnableCoinsOnKill=false ( if true killing a dino has a chance to give goldcoins )
CoinsOnKillChance=1 ( chance in % )

AddHexagonStoreTradeOptionsToShop=false ( if ture will add all trade options from the hexagon store to the shop )
UseBigDataForAdmins=false ( set to true to get a full list of all item and dinos to choose from as an admin when creating entries )


UpgradeTableAllowTekItems=true ( if ture allows upgrading Tek items )
UpgradeTableLuckyUpgradeChance=0.2 ( 0.2=20% 1.0=100% 0.01=1% / -1.0 Will disable it )
UpgradeTableBlacklistCraftedWeapons=false ( If Selling Crafted Items is allowed and this is set to true Crafted Weapons wont be allowed )


PunisheTameMissionCanceling=false ( If set to true canceling a tame mission where the dino got spawned for will put that mission onto cooldown )

###Admin Commands:

cheat ScriptCommand RemoveWorldBuffs / Removes all activ World Buffs
cheat ScriptCommand UpdateShop / Lets the server read the savefile and refresh the data
cheat ScriptCommand UpdateExchange
cheat ScriptCommand UpdateGambling
cheat ScriptCommand UpdateWorldBuff