Idaria Community Care Ascended - QoL Structures and More

QoL Mod with various structures and items for a better gaming experience in Ark Ascended! Primarily for the Idaria server but of course free for anyone who wants to use it =)


The mod brings some QoL changes for vanilla Structures:

-Air Conditioner: Noise removed

-Bookshelf: Increased to 500 slots

-Electric Generator: Noise removed, increased range

-Fabricator: Noise removed

-Feeding Trough: Increased range

-TEK Feeding Trough: Increased range

-Grinder: Noise removed, Returns more than 150 of each resource (max 9999) when grinding, structure has smaller size

-Icebox (Refrigerator): Increased to 100 slots, add Hesperor Egg, Lesser Antidote, organic Polymer and Leech Blood to the item list that can be stored

-Industrial Cooking Pot: Contains more water. WIP: will be smaller size

-Industrial Forge: Smaller size

  • Industrial Mini Version

-Large Storage Box: Increased to 100 slots

-Small Storage Box: Increased to 45 slots

-Smithy: Increased to 150 slots

-TEK Generator: Noise removed, increased range

-TEK Replicator: Noise removed, smaller size

  • TEK Replicator Mini Version

-Standing and Wall Torches: Noise quieter, does not require fuel to light up

-Vault: Increased to 500 slots, smaller size

  • ICC Mutator: Guarantees two mutations on babies when used during mating. Requires Dragon Alpha and 10 element per pulse

  • ICC Breeding, Grow, Speed Potions in Basic, Advanced and Expert Versions

  • ICC Breeding FIX to give adult Dinos 100% Imprint

All of the above structures can be found as structure variants in the respective vanilla versions.

Example: Build a grinder, then press "R" when placing it to select the Idaria variant. The Idaria variants are always labelled with a small dodo on the icon.

Additionally there is following Structures and a Dino:

-Elisas Adminpony! An Equus variant that can fly and is pink =) Exclusively for the administrators Elisa from Idaria as a fun and decorative animal. It cannot use for fights!

-WIP! Tree decorations: Learnable decoration trees from level 50. Three variants that can be switched with "R" when placing.