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Gryphons have returned to Ark in this Ascended remake of my original Gryphons mod, remade from the ground up.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who voted for this mod in the ARKathon contest. You guys are awesome.

Disclaimer: This mod is still under development and may update at inappropriate times due to the cross-platform approval process. Once I press the Upload button I no longer have any control over all the subsequent processes. I apologize in advance for any potential server explosions that might occur as a result but there's absolutely no way for me to fix these.

Also, since people keep asking me - No, I do not have a Discord server. I barely find time for modding as it is and to then also have to manage a Discord server would reduce that time even further. If you have issues please post a comment on this page.

Change Log

2024-06-14: A few more tweaks:

  • Spawn chances have been adjusted for both subspecies once again, lowering them and allowing less of them in the same general area. It's a balancing act as The Island and The Center share spawning zones.
  • Mountain Gryphons are no longer capable of flying in caves by default, unless specified in the global Ark INI setting.

2024-04-17: Spawn rates have been boosted by 50% for two specific cases:

  • Mountain Gryphons on The Island.
  • Pygmy Gryphons on Scorched Earth.

2024-04-04: Scorched Earth support has been added!

  • Mountain Gryphons will be spawning in the mountains (obviously!) and Pygmy Gryphons will be found in the canyon area, where the rivers run and plenty of other nasty critters can be found.
  • I also did a clean-up of unused textures as I attempt to find a new artist for the arctic gryphon model, lowering the size of the mod a bit.

2024-01-30: Another small update that adds some INI configuration options to enable/disable breeding and set a damage multiplier (0.1-1.0) for the global damage of gryphons. You can add these settings to your GameUserSettings.ini, with the below being the defaults.


NOTE: If Breeding is set to False, the option in the radial menu will still show but it'll simply not do anything.

2024-01-08: Now live - An amazing new saddle!
Hope you all enjoyed your holiday - I certainly did! I'm proud to present a new saddle made by the amazing Creep! (You might know her work from Svartalfheim) This new saddle is one tier above the chitin saddle, giving the Mountain Gryphon three distinct options to choose from. I would also like to give credit to Silvervale for sponsoring this amazing creation - Without her help this wouldn't have been possible.

Metal Armor!


  • Breeding
  • A new crafting station (the Gryphons Workbench) and three distinct saddles: A two person basic saddle at level 50 and two armored single person saddles at level 70, available in both a chitin (40 armor) and a metal (50 armor) version. All saddles accept the optional goggles skin, though some clipping occurs with the armored variants.
  • Pygmy gryphons have a backpack available that provides a minimum amount of protection and too features an optional goggles skin for added flavour.
  • Nests, both mountain and pygmy gryphon sized. Once a gryphon is settled on top of one it'll act similar to an airconditioner.
  • Spawns on all maps using Island and Scorched Earth spawn regions. This includes Svartalfheim and The Center.
  • Additional colour regions for the eyes and beak/claws
  • New feather textures and a redone body texture

Mountain Gryphons. The original gryphon we know and love, almost entirely remade from the ground up to be fully compatible with the various changes introduced in Ascended and then enhanced further with new HD textures. Found in mountain biomes and Carnivore Island.

Pygmy Gryphons. Pygmy Gryphons are ferocious cat-sized critters that roam redwoods, jungles and swamps in search of prey. Tame them to earn their eternal loyalty, then carry them around on your back! Much smaller than their mountain brethren, though definitely not to be underestimated. They can occasionally be found in small packs of up to two members, and will attack pretty much anything on sight. They're a classic knock-out tame. Pygmy Gryphons can carry multiple Artifacts, much like otters can.

To be (re-)added

Arctic Gryphons. Arctic Gryphons live in snowy regions and possess higher levels of stamina to help them weather the cold, the improved stat countered by a slight health and weight capacity penalty. Naturally, these are found anywhere where there's snow. Arctics have been delayed due to various issues with the asset.
Further additions: More gryphon varieties will be introduced in a separate mod called Gryphons: Extended.


  • The incredible Creep for the new metal-plated saddle model.
  • The amazing Kokuma3D for the basic saddle model.
  • The awesome ShantyShark for the reworked sounds, giving the gryphon the glory it deserves.
  • And last but definitely not least, the wonderful Silvervale for making much of this possible by sponsoring the development of this mod.

Spawn codes, paths and entries

- Spawn Mountain Gryphon (Tamed, level 150) - cheat gmsummon "Gryphon_Character_BP_C" 150
- Spawn Mountain Gryphon (Wild, level 150) - cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint'/Gryphons/Subspecies/Mountain/Gryphon_Character_BP.Gryphon_Character_BP'” 0 300 0 150

- Spawn Pygmy Gryphon (Tamed, level 150) - cheat gmsummon "Gryphon_Pygmy_Character_BP_C" 150
- Spawn Pygmy Gryphon (Wild, level 150) - cheat SpawnDino “Blueprint'/Gryphons/Subspecies/Pygmy/Gryphon_Pygmy_Character_BP.Gryphon_Pygmy_Character_BP'” 0 300 0 150

- Gryphons Workbench - cheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_GryphonsWorkbench 1 1 0

- Gryphon Nest - cheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_GryphonNest 1 1 0
- Mountain Gryphon Saddle (Basic) - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_GryphonSaddle_Basic 1 1 0
- Mountain Gryphon Saddle (Chitin) - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_GryphonSaddle_Armored 1 1 0
- Mountain Gryphon Saddle (Metal) - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_GryphonSaddle_Armored_Metal 1 1 0
- Mountain Gryphon Goggles - cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_GryphonGoggles 1 1 0

- Pygmy Gryphon Nest - cheat gfi PrimalItemStructure_GryphonNestPygmy 1 1 0
- Pygmy Gryphon Backpack - cheat gfi PrimalItemArmor_GryphonBackpack 1 1 0
- Pygmy Gryphon Goggles - cheat gfi PrimalItemSkin_GryphonBackpackGoggles 1 1 0

Blueprint Paths





EngramEntry_GryphonsWorkbench - EngramEntry_GryphonNest - EngramEntry_Saddle_Gryphon_Basic - EngramEntry_Saddle_Gryphon_Armored - EngramEntry_Saddle_Gryphon_Armored_Metal - EngramEntry_GryphonGoggles - EngramEntry_GryphonBackpack - EngramEntry_GryphonBackpackGoggles - EngramEntry_GryphonNestPygmy