Galvanized Wolf

Recreation of my original A:SE mod, built from the ground up. Add this dangerous, but extremely useful, dino to your Ark!

Now available on Console & PC!

ModID: 934312

Spawns wild in the Snow Biome!

Attacks & Abilities:

Left Click/Right Trigger: Bite - Standard bite attack but inflicts a nasty gnash to enemies!

X/Left Trigger: Harvest Explosion - destroys rocks, metal, reaping resources in return!

C/R3: Lightning Strike - Deals a decent amount of damage, but, most importantly, delivers a high amount of torpor to knock out dinos!

Spawn Commands:

Summon a wild Galvanized Wolf:

cheat summon galvanizedwolf_character_bp_c

Summon a tamed Galvanized Wolf:

cheat GMsummon galvanizedwolf_character_bp_c 150 0 0

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