Draconis Glaucus

Adds the Glaucus, a custom aquatic dragon based on the blue dragon sea slug.

Glaucus is a unique addition to the Draconis family, with a stun-inflicting electric breath and immunity to electrical attacks. Most wild aquatic creatures avoid picking a fight with Glaucus, as damaging them with melee attacks damages and stuns their attacker.

This creature’s electrical attacks are fueled by Cnidaria venom, and have a “Charge” meter. Using electrical attacks will drain charge, and consuming Cnidaria corpses or Bio Toxin will regain charge. Their base melee attack also inflicts torpor. Below 1/3rd of their “Charge” meter they will lose the ability to inflict damage and stun on whatever attacks them with melee attacks.

In the wild, they are initially passive, lazily floating upside-down on the water’s surface near to groups of Cnidaria. To tame them, one must acquire an egg - first, feed the Glaucus a total of 10 Cnidaria corpses until it reaches max charge, which will cause it to attack you. Defeat it and it will drop an egg and flee.

Glaucus can leave water without dying (unlike most aquatic creatures), but dry out rapidly and cannot use electrical attacks when they are too dried out. Leaving the water applies a “drying out” debuff for 30 seconds, after which it will become slower, unable to use electrical attacks, and take more damage from attacks.

Like their relatives, they are capable of breeding, despite being genderless, and like other hermaphroditic creatures, both parents will produce an egg after mating. Baby Glaucus will ONLY eat Bio Toxin, and though adults are carnivorous, they gain more food and health from Bio Toxin than other sources.

When tamed, if they are idle for long enough they will flip upside down and float to the surface. This has no gameplay effect (aside from making them float), and can be disabled through the radial wheel.

The other radial wheel option is to enable or disable them automatically consuming Bio Toxin when below 95% charge for the sole purpose of regaining charge.

Glaucus also has an Alpha variant, which while initially passive, is extremely dangerous to fight. Alpha Glaucus will always drop a Glaucus Saddle blueprint, however, with randomized quality.


Left Click: Bite

Right Click: Breath

Ctrl+Left Click: Electric Bubble Projectile

Ctrl+Crouch: Discharge (Drains Charge meter completely for a powerful AoE attack)

(Controls are shown when riding a Glaucus as well)






WildVenomChargeToAddPerJellyMultiplier=1.0 /// (This affects the amount of Cnidaria it takes to reach max charge and challenge the player - setting this to 2.0 for example would make it require 5 cnidaria)

DisableMeleeTorpor=False (If set to True, prevents melee attacks from applying torpor)

GlaucusDragWeight=416.0 (Affects things like the net gun, whether or not they can be fear roared by yutys, etc.)


Scorching Kami (Model & Animations), Mordekaiser (Sound Design), aR0y2810 (Icon), Jade_317 (Concept art), and all the donators who made this possible!


Please direct all questions and suggestions to my discord server here: https://discord.com/invite/5g2C9uz or check the wiki here https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Mod:Draconis_Glaucus