DinoCloud (a Dino Storage Solution) [Crossplatform]

Mod ID: 931446

Now with Cloud Production!!! Get Eggs, Poop and so on from your uploaded Dino’s!

Important Note: Read the Wiki carefully - there are Ini-Settings that are mandatory for Servers

Tames tend to drag down Server-performance & take up space. Thus People are forced to build giant bases, which affect performance even more! No More!

This Mod uses a Cloud-Server System in the background and thus has certain limits hardcoded! Big Servers have the chance to unlock these Limits by a Patreon Pledge, this helps to cover the Cost of the Cloud-Server System running in the Background.

What is the Dino Cloud? The Dino Cloud is a revolutionary way to store Animals. Animals are uploaded into a Cloud-Database & can of course be downloaded again. But here is the decisive advantage: From any Server! You can imagine the Dino Cloud like a high performance Obelisk - just faster and safer!

You can of course Limit this Download/Upload ability to your Cluster(Grids) by a SecretKey in the .ini-Files & we highly recommend doing that!


  • If you run the DinoCloud Mod in Public Mode (No Secret Key Set) Players may only upload 200 Animals per Person from any Server or Singleplayer World that runs the Public Mode!
  • Servers with a Secret Key Set, may limit their players however they want, but they may only have 10k Dinos in total. Need more? Patreons will have the ability to unlock this limit for their servers!

NEW Cloud Node:

  • Throw this into a tame of your choice to upload it to the cloud
  • Press CTRL to Select a Dino from the Cloud, once selected you can throw out the Node to Download the Dino on the fly Why is this better than a Cryo? The Animal is still Saved in the Cloud, it works on your whole Cluster and is better for Server Performance

Key Features of the DinoCloud:

  • Availability across maps and even clusters (if desired)
  • Filter trough your uploaded Animals efficiently
  • Stored Animals never starve
  • Imprint and stats are retained
  • Integrated Mating Cooldown (Timers keep running in the Cloud)
  • Idle experience is gained over time
  • Cleanup Commands for Admins
  • Singleplayer Compatible
  • See the Stats & Colors of your Uploaded Animals
  • Intuetive Production of Animal Products (Eggs, Milk, Feces) Completely Costumizeable for your purposes!
  • Temporary Tames cannot be uploaded!
  • Safety Check for Gestating Dinos (so you dont loose the Baby) (Comming soon)
  • Backup recovery to retrieve lost Animals
  • Additional Tribe Stable where your whole Tribe has access to! (Comming Later)

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