Deimos Cosmetics: Alien Drone

Adds an Alien drone cosmetic to the game with 6 color variations.

Deimos Alien drone

Full Name: D43

Favorite dino: Kairuku

This is also an Open Source Project (Public Domain)

Disclaimer:: I'm not a professional modder/modeller/rigger. These files are just meant to be as a basic template for character cosmetics (and mostly the way I figured it out etc), and gives an example how the Deimos Alien/Rat/Robot were created. Also this was a quick project, a lot of things could have been done better.

Source code is available at github: https://github.com/SurviveDeimos/Deimos-Robot-Alien

Please don't copy and paste the same 3D model (for example with just a different color) (with exceptions for overhauls/comunity mods) in to your own mod. License from the 3D model is displayed below.

How to add it to your (unofficial) server:

1: Open GameUserSettings.ini

2: Add this line to the GUS.ini (GameUserSettings.ini) file:


(This will add the default official list including the cosmetics 985934 (Aliendrone) and 977906 (Robot) to your whitelist) You can add more unofficial cosmetics as long as you keep it comma separated. The Id's that are being used are Project Id's which you can find on the curseforge mod page on the right.

3: Make sure to save your GameUserSettings.ini; from now on you should be able to add new custom cosmetics.

Upcoming releases:

While this is probably the last character for now, there will be a eastern bunny somewhere next week and of course the dino cartoon cosmetic package still needs to be finnished.

Original 3D Model (License)

3D Model: Created by NatalieDesign (Creative Commons Attribution) and can be downloaded from the following url: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/alien-suit-63b20235d5134bf1877168cb2e232a0c

If you reuse this model don't forget to add the CC Attribution.

For modding questions

Join the Modding Ascended Discord https://discord.gg/4FAVpagKhD