Cybers Structures QoL+ (Crossplay)

This mod not only originates from Structures Plus (S+), created by Orionsun for Ark Survival Evolved, but Cybers Structures builds upon that foundation. While incorporating features like Wireless Crafting, ASA Snapping, and improved structure placement, it also introduces new elements aimed at enhancing players' quality of life.

With over 80 structures and recipes, it offers conveniences such as a Mind Wipe that retains learned engrams, the ability to reset your tame's stats if mistakenly allocated, and recipes for converting Organic Polymer to standard Polymer. Additionally, players can grind resources to craft items like Black Pearls..

Quality of Life:

With configuration options, to make Noisy structures quieter, and Industrial Structures up to 70% of their original size, to structures like a Nanny, Hatchery and much, much more.


The Propagator stands out as a unique structure that capitalizes on the breeding changes introduced in Ark Ascended, revolutionizing the once laborious task of breeding. Unlike typical mods, it integrates seamlessly with Vanilla Cryo Pods and extends compatibility to Dino Depot, SCS, and Pelayori, allowing for flexible breeding options regardless of the cryo method chosen in the terminal.

Additionally, the Propagator introduces the innovative feature of using element to alter the sex of creatures during the breeding process. Similar to other structures, the Propagator offers configurable fuel options, enabling users to tailor both the fuel type and quantity to their preferences


This is a unique structure that allows for a Tame to be Buffed, for Mutation breeding, Sex Change, and make a baby grow up quicker. You can also chain a few together to make the Mutations be 20 at a time.

Bee Hive

The Domesticated Bee Hive, not only converts Rare Flowers to Honey, but it can also be configured to how fast or slow it uses the fuel, and how fast it can produce the Honey as well. As well when the Bee HIve has Rare Flowers in the Inventory, it will also water any Crop Plots within its range.

Water Intake

If the Bee Hive is not your thing, then you can also configure the Water Intake to not require placement in water, great for those who are not near a water source, and have long chain of Tanks to bring the water to you.

Dedicate Storage and Intake

The Dedicated Storage has been configured to accept all Consumables, and in addition it can store your Fertilizer as well. And with the Intake, where you can either punch or rub a Tame into it, the Intake will then send all the tames Inventory, or even the players if they use the Intake, and send them all to the relevant Dedicated Storage.

Tek Transmitter

In addition to the Vanilla abilities, it also comes with a Dino Scanner, where you can scan for Wilds around the map.

Tek Stove, Forge, Cooker and Laboratory

These structures are considered end-game investments due to their substantial resource requirements, but like all structures, they are customizable to utilize any desired resources. The Tek Stove offers a swift cooking solution, outpacing the standard Grill. The Forge boasts instantaneous conversion of Metal to Ingots at a 1-to-1 ratio. Similarly, the Cooker and Laboratory are optimized to yield double the output from the resources they process, such as Narcotics, produced at twice the rate of a Chemistry Bench.

Furthermore, each structure is fully configurable to accommodate your preferred difficulty level, allowing for a tailored gameplay experience. It's worth noting that these structures seamlessly integrate with the Wireless Crafting system and Ascended snapping system, enhancing overall convenience and efficiency

Unique Structures

  • Blueprint Maker (turns any structure into a blueprint)
  • Converter (converts any vanilla item to its CS counterpart & vica versa)
  • Hitching Post (prevents any attached dino from moving even if set to wander, boosts mating & gestation)

And much, much more

  • All gates, doors & trapdoors can auto open & close
  • Dino Mind Wipe
  • Ability to easily pickup or destroy structures.
  • Ability to easily turn Mating on or Off for Dinos, get them to follow or Unfollow, turn some tames into Chibi's ( More being Added )
  • Integrated Pulling System, which allows for repairing and pulling just the items needed to craft your BP. From within any inventory.
  • The ability to also clean your inventory, have items you just want to drop automatically, and then configure your inventory to auto clean itself.
  • Farmer
  • Gardener
  • and much more.

Structures made smaller.

  • Industrial Forge: Compact and resourceful, offering configurable capacity, crafting, and fuel consumption.
  • Industrial Grill: A space-saving culinary solution with enhanced capacity and adjustable crafting and fuel consumption.
  • Industrial Cooker: Compact yet powerful, featuring increased capacity and customizable crafting and fuel consumption.
  • Industrial Grinder: Streamlined and versatile, with enhanced capacity and configurable crafting and fuel consumption.
  • Tek Replicator: Scale down without compromising function, with increased capacity and adjustable crafting speed and fuel consumption.
  • Fabricator: A powerhouse of crafting efficiency, offering configurable capacity, accelerated speed, and customizable fuel consumption.
  • Grinder: Tailor your grinding experience with configurable slots and fuel consumption.

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