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Color Extractor - Collect and Reuse Dino Colors

Ever have a beautiful event dinosaur, but it's level 5? Or a fantastic mutation color, but it's in food? Now you can take that color and re-use it on another dinosaur instead of spending eons breeding and fighting RNG!

This mod adds the Color Extractor, an item that lets you destroy dinosaurs in exchange for their colors in the form of vials. These vials can then be used to recolor other dinosaurs!

To help you organize your color collection, you also have access to the Coloration Station. This structure lets you store all of your color vials in a clean, organized manner with special searching and sorting methods in its own custom inventory.

As you work on getting some lovely dinosaur colors, you can also convert your excess vials into Recoloration Potions to re-roll your dinosaurs colors from the base spawn colors!

This mod was originally split from a personal server mod to be standalone. I will do my best to fix issues and welcome suggestions.

Crafting Costs & Engrams

Color Extractor - 10 Electronics, 25 Polymer, 10 Crystal, 75 Metal Ingots. Learnable at level 48.

Coloration Station - 50 Metal Ingots, 35 Wood, 25 Cementing Paste. Learnable at level 48. Requires Color Extractor to be learned.

Recoloration Potion - 5 Color Vials, 25 Stimberries. Learnable at level 52. Requires Color Extractor to be learned.

Future Plans

  • INI options, such as: Color Extractor requiring empty vials as ammo; Color Vials being consume on use; whether or not to destroy dinosaurs
  • Optimization on storage of vials
  • Individual depositing of vials into the Coloration Station
  • Remote depositing of vials into the nearest station as a toggle
  • Color Gun that utilizes Vials from any nearby Station to let you color a dino freely.
  • Color confirmation / preview before using a vial


  • Coloration Station's model comes from Turbosquid by yasomania34
  • Vials atop the Coloration Station comes from Turbosquid by Freedman2014.
  • Color Extractor's model comes from Turbosquid by AlexOlTroi.
  • Textures for the Coloration Station table were made by me using Substance Painter's included materials. Metal sections of the Color Extractor were also made using Substance Painter. Glass texture is from Turbosquid. Extractor glass material and vial materials were reuse/edits from ARK assets.

Technical Details


  • EngramEntry_ColorExtractor_CS
  • EngramEntry_ColorationStation_CS
  • EngramEntry_RecolorationPotion_CS


  • PrimalItemStructure_ColorStation_CS
  • PrimalItemWeapon_ColorExtractor_CS
  • PrimalItemConsumable_ColorVial_Full_CS (NOTE: This will not give you a usable item.)
  • PrimalItemConsumable_RecolorationPotion_CS