Club ARK

Enter Club ARK, a new social hub where survivors can chat, relax and have fun in a variety of activities, mini-games, and missions to earn prizes to take back "home" with you!
Club ARK can be joined from the in-game Pause Menu on the Official Network at any time!

At launch, Club ARK supports the following features:

  • Hang out with your friends in the customizable social spaces, and dress-up however you like at the Stylist!
  • Earn and store reward tokens from missions, mini games, and dodos running around the town! Slap leather for an old-fashioned shootout, show off your lasso skills, ride out to rob a train, and more!
  • Spend tokens on games of chance for cool prizes!
  • Duels other players and wager on the outcome – to the victor the spoils!
  • Access an evolving variety of activities including minigames and full-scale story missions!

And in the future, look forward to:

  • More exclusive rewards to take back to the ARK
  • More mini games and missions
  • Exclusive holiday event-themed content

Map Name: BobsMissions_WP