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Cliffans Saddles [Vanilla Saddles Expanded]

Project ID: 969855

Cliffans Saddles!

Commissioned custom modelled saddles. Currently has 3 saddles with a lot more coming

Work in progress. Not everything is in yet

A wide range of saddles for your creatures!

Most of these saddles expand on the vanilla saddles


Please respect commissions

We can't dictate how commission pieces are handled on your server. That is up to the admins

(Commissions can be done through the discord)
Join the discord for commissions!


  • High quality custom modelled saddles
  • Saddles with physics
  • Upcoming ini settings and buffs

I'm truly thankful for all the support through donations and commissions! It helps me keep pursuing this passion.

Patreons get early access to screenshots and teasers on the discord!

Special thanks to these lovely supporters:



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