Birthweaver Tames

Birthweaver Tames

Birthweaver Tames will revolutionise how you breed and tame in ARK with a new variant of dino. These unique dinos offer powerful breeding and taming AOE buffs that can replace the need for traditional server INI changes to alter numerous breeding & taming multipliers.


  • Birthweaver dino's provide AOE buffs that significantly enhance taming and breeding processes without the need for altering server INI or SP settings.
  • These dinos apply random multipliers (ranging from 2 to 20) to taming speed, maturation & gestation speeds, incubation speed, and decrease mating intervals.

How Birthweaver Dino's Work:

Birthweaver dinos are unique creatures that offer powerful Area of Effect (AOE) buffs to facilitate faster breeding and taming of other dinos. Here's how they function:

Breeding Buffs:

  • Birthweaver dinos increase maturation, incubation, gestation, and mating interval speeds.
  • When a Birthweaver is in range, dinos within its AOE will receive a speed multiplier based on the Birthweaver's buff.
  • The breeding multiplier is only revealed when dinos within the Birthweaver's radius are bred. Once breeding occurs, the multiplier will be displayed as floating text above the breeding dinos' heads.
  • If multiple Birthweavers are in range, the highest multiplier will be applied. Should the highest multiplier move out of range, the next highest will take effect. Multipliers do not stack.

Taming Buffs:

  • The taming buff increases hunger drain by the assigned multiplier, allowing for quicker taming.
  • The taming multiplier is visible when riding a Birthweaver within range of wild, awake dinos. The "food drain multiplier" will appear as floating text above all affected wild dinos.


  • The default radius for Birthweaver buffs is 10 foundations.

Released Dino's So Far:

  • Birthweaver Allo
  • Birthweaver Ankylo
  • Birthweaver Argentavis
  • Birthweaver Beaver
  • Birthweaver Direbear
  • Birthweaver Direwolf
  • Birthweaver Dodo
  • Birthweaver Equus
  • Birthweaver Maewing
  • Birthweaver Mammoth
  • Birthweaver Megatherium
  • Birthweaver Microraptor
  • Birthweaver Otter
  • Birthweaver Parasaur
  • Birthweaver Procoptodon
  • Birthweaver Ptero
  • Birthweaver Raptor
  • Birthweaver Rhino
  • Birthweaver Sabertooth
  • Birthweaver Sheep
  • Birthweaver Terror Bird
  • Birthweaver Therizino
  • Birthweaver Thylacoleo
  • Birthweaver Troodon
  • Birthweaver Yutyrannus

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