Better Chat [Crossplatform]

Mod ID: 931527

Improves Chatbox and adds Slash Commands

Will Feature Crosschat and Voting rewards later on Completely compatible with Plugins that use Slash Commands! Comes with a Mod Interface so other Mods can interact with the Chat

Slash Commands:

/suicide Kills you Instantly - Cannot be used if you have taken Damage recently (Last 30 Seconds)

/unstuck Teleports you a close distance from where you are if seated on a Dino, teleports this Dino with you. On PvP Cannot be used while Handcuffed, Torpid or near Enemy Bases

/getuniqueID Gives you the UniqueID of your Account, this replaces the SteamID / EpicID / PSN-ID and so on in ASA

/website Opens the Link to the Servers Website (must be configured in the ini)

/discord Opens the Discord Invite-Link in your Browser (must be configured in the ini)

/ccc Copies a CCC Command into your Clipboard, give this to a Staff Member to enable him to directly apear at the location where the Command was used!

/donate Opens the Shop of the Server in your Browser (must be configured in the ini)

/unstuckcorpse Attempts to unstuck your Corpse, must be nearby (~2 Foundations)

/vote Opens the Voting-Link of the Server in your Browser (must be configured in the ini)


cheat ScriptCommand tp <CCC Coordinates> // This will bring you to the given CCC (WC's TP is broken so i made my own)

Check the linked WIKI for Ini Settings, Explanations and more!!!

Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/radioactive-gaming-652851613140254740