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Bangin Tranqs (Crossplay Live)

3 new arrow types. Each is 5x more effective than the previous.

Each arrow works with the Bow, Crossbow, and Compound Bow to receive their respective benefits.

Tranq Sniper Rifle and Bullet:

This combo deals more torpor than the tier 2 arrows in a compound bow, but less than the tier 3 arrows. It also prevents torpor decreases for 30 seconds after each shot.

Ball Buster:

A cannon and cannon ball which deals 10x the raid torpor of a vanilla cannon.

Tranquil Tek Gauntlets:

A pair of Tek Gauntlets which deal both raid torpor and regular torpor to enemies struck with the Rocket Punch ability. These gauntlets are also capable of harvesting small amounts of Element from Metal resource nodes.

To Do List:

More Items/Ammo:

Reusable bola with a subtle tranq effect

Configurable costs and Effectiveness

Config Options, Engram Paths, and Admin Commands in Discord:

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