Balanced Kibble 2

Balanced Kibble 2 makes it easier to cook kibbles without the major grind for different eggs. Simply place the eggs into the Egg Converter to turn them into Basic up to Extraordinary eggs, and use them to create the Egg Mix. The amount of Egg Mix needed for each kibble is dependent on the quality of the kibble you want to craft. Suggestions and bug reports are welcome in our Discord Server.

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Kibble Cooker [Created in players inventory requires power to run] [Level 50]

Egg Converter [Created in players inventory Runs on Sparkpowder] [Level 9]


Wyvern Milk [Useless until Scorched Earth]

Reaper Venom [Useless until Abberation]

Egg Mix (6 in total X1 - X5 - X10 - X15 - X20 - X25 Depending on Egg Type)

Dinosaur Eggs (6 in total Basic to Extraordinary)

Kibble (6 in total Basic to Extraordinary)

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