Awesome Spyglass!

Awesome Spyglass!

Ported over from ARK Survival Evolved with some new features!

  • Can target: Dinos, Players, Structures, Eggs, Loot, Supply Crates and Natural Structures
  • Shows a bunch of relevant information for the current target (see pics)
  • Has lots of player customizable options (see pics)
  • Several options can be disabled via the admin settings in game
  • Access all setting from the radial menu with the spyglass equipped (R on PC)


You can add custom info to your dinos, and it will display in the UI!
Just add a custom tag to your dino that starts with ":SpyGlass:" (No quotes)
All following text will show in the UI. Ark Eternal made good use of this.



###Discord https://discord.gg/ea5MHETj6t