Auto Storage

Auto Storage

Auto Storage elevates your storage game, presenting an advanced version of Tek Dedicated Storage. It introduces a unique feature where stored items passively multiply over time, providing ongoing resource production. The admin-only UI panel allows server admins to customise resource generation, and upcoming features promise even more customisation options.


  • Advanced version of Tek Dedicated Storage.
  • Passively produces more of the stored resource over time.
  • Admin-only UI panel for customising resource generation.
  • Server admins can enable/disable resource generation by item type.
  • Server admins can specify the generation amount per resource.
  • Schedule resource generation intervals via the UI (every 10/15/20/30/60 secs).
  • Players can enable/disable resource generation via the radial wheel.
  • Global settings page for quick server admin stats.
  • Reduced item weight.
  • Reduced crafting costs.

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