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Any Colour Sets [Crossplay]

This mod activates a variety of unique and vibrant colours on all dinos by default, and allows for in-depth customisation to choose the colors dinos spawn with! Now features a rare chance of dye colours (which can also be disabled, view the configuration to prevent them if desired). This mod is crossplay.

You do not need to enter any configs for this mod to work. All of this mod's custom coloursets can appear on any dino at a 30% chance by default. The only thing that needs to be done is removing existing wild dinos from the game, either by killing them, or with a dinowipe with the command cheat destroywilddinos. This will make space for new dinos to spawn, which are able to spawn with the new coloursets.

For those who want to change their settings or view what colours are in each colourset: Please visit the wiki for configuration and documentation! If you're ingame, open a web browser and type the URL:

Clickable link for people viewing from browsers:

  • Works on mod dinos and coloursets
  • Requires no load priority and is fully stackable, and nothing will be lost upon uninstallation- all affected dinos and colors remain entirely vanilla/part of the mod they originated from
  • Very small and lightweight- adds practically no time to loading

This is a port of Any Colour Sets from ASE, originally found here:

The majority of configs retain the same functionality, so you can drag and drop to continue using your existing config with a few minor changes. There are multiple differences to colourset and config names, as well as ASA featuring dye colours. Please check for the full list of changes

About the mod

Configure any colourset- From Alpha sets, to event sets, to sets contained in any mods- to appear on any dino spawn at a chosen chance! This also allows you to completely remove the ability for particular sets, such as events, to appear without needing to disable events completely. Coloursets can be configured to apply to dinos based on a variety of options, and can be applied to only specific dinos, or every dino on the map. Can also be applied selectively by the name of the spawn entry, to everything within a given spawn container, and (Genesis 1 only), to everything within a biome Additionally, it allows for the activeevent= parameter to apply any event’s sets, even when the event colours would not normally work (such as Extinction Chronicles). Also included is a variety of custom coloursets to choose from as well!

Using this mod

No existing dinos will be affected- you will need to perform a dinowipe with admincheat DestroyWildDinos for the colored dinos to spawn (or kill wild dinos). By default, the mod's custom colorsets will apply to all dinos at a 20% chance

Sets applied by this mod will override event colours, so, particularly if you have high chances of custom sets, use this mod's activeevent config to ensure that dinos will still receive event sets. Inversely, you can also use this mod to prevent dinos receiving event sets by setting custom sets at 100% chance.

If you want to cheat-spawn dinos with the INI specified colours, you must use the SpawnActor, SpawnActorTamed, SpawnActorSpread, or SpawnActorSpreadTamed commands. These are the only commands which use the necessary event to apply the custom sets- gmsummon, spawndino etc will not work. This is a vanilla limitation and not something I can change.


Responding to bugs, feedback, suggestions and questions is quicker- and easier- on my Discord: will not accept random friend requests. If you have a question please use the mod Discord (this is best) or comments section

If you'd like to donate to support my modding, you can do so through my Ko-Fi!

If you'd like to commission me to make spawns or textures, information can be found in my Discord