Welcome to Amissa!

Beautiful fantasy map with a past civilization which was fighting back the tek.

  • Map Name: Amissa_WP
  • Mod ID: 965379
  • Map Content Completion: 40%

Current Features:

  • Map is a bit bigger than The Island
  • 6 different biomes (Snow, Desert, Redwood, Swamp, Grass/Jungle and Red Jungle)
  • Different player spawns as on other maps
  • Own type of wyverns (still WIP)
  • Macaw Argent (Exotic version of the vanilla Argent)
  • Custom battle music (day and night version)
  • Custom Boss Arenas for Broodmother, Gorilla and Dragon

Upcoming Features:

  • More main land completion (More resources and detail work)
  • More buildings/ruins for each area
  • Caves/Dungeon (normal and different/new ones)
  • Underwater work (River, Lakes and Ocean) and much more

Special Thanks:

  • Biggums - For the first version of the Portal
  • Exilog - For completing the work on the Portal and helping me to fix things or get them to work
  • Blue Dragon - For the idea and concept of the Macaw Argent
  • DOA - Long time supporter and contributor
  • great thanks to my tester group: BluJnBaby, Needora, scarlettmuppet, PurpleFlamez, Tonigirl, Katzenlady, xxDeadend93xx, Crash, GrimTruth, DOA