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Admin Panel By Crazy-Wolfe

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Admin Panel to help manage players and your server.

The ADMIN PANEL is still being updated with new features to make your life easier .

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PC / Windows

  • Windows HOLD " R " (Radial Menu)


  • pssmall PlayStation -- HOLD " pssquare " (Radial Menu)
  • xbox XboX -- HOLD " xboxX " (Radial Menu)


To make the Ultimate Admin Panel Tool by making life easier for server admins. When using this panel you can access frequently used commands to get the job done faster and more efficiently .

smallcheck Current Features: smallcheck

  • 2 Panels -- User Panel (Player View) and Admin Panel (Admin View)
  • 3 Customizable User Information Tabs (Example: Server Rules, Server Updates, Admin message ect.)
  • Full Screen / Logo Upload options
  • Radial Menu to access panels (Consoles)
  • View Players on server
  • Teleport to Player
  • Teleport Player to You
  • Kick Player
  • Kill Player
  • Ban Player
  • Kill Player
  • One Button God Mode
  • One Button Fly
  • One Button Ghost
  • One Button Walk
  • One button Spectator Mode
  • Broadcast Message (With Color Options)
  • Custom broadcast messages options (10 Slots)
  • Server Chat
  • Item Spawning
  • Custom Dino Spawning
  • Dino Scanner
  • Message Schedule
  • Structure finder
  • Destroy Structures
  • Easy Give Items to Player

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