Add text and icon to structures

Custom cosmetic mod to display an item image(icon) and the name of the structure on the structure.

Currently supported structures:

  • Vault
  • Fridge
  • CryoFridge
  • Small Storagebox
  • Large Storagebox
  • Feeding Trough
  • Tek Trough
  • Preserving Bin

The custom cosmetic should also work with items/dinosaurs from other mods, if you do find an issue please let me know!

How to use it: When you apply the skin on the structure it'll use the CURRENT name of the structure and(if there is) the first item in the structures' inventory. For Cryofridges it'll display the name of the Cryofridge, an empty cryopod icon if there are no items(or empty cryopod in first slot) or the icon of the dino that is in the cryopod in the first item slot.

Coming soon:

  • More structures
  • Icon and text location&rotation customization
  • Cleanup

Questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact me on Discord: oli.vier

ps: the (relatively) large size of the mod is caused by the vault skin where I removed the "lock" part to display the icon

How to add it to your (unofficial) server:

  1. 1: Open GameUserSettings.ini
  2. 2: add this line to the GUS.ini file: CosmeticWhitelistOverride="Your-Site.TLD/Path/To/CustomCosmeticsWhiteList/file.txt"(Also works with a path to local file i.e. c:\ASAServers\Path\To\Whitelist\file.txt)
  3. 3: Inside this file.txt you add the Project IDs of the Custom Cosmetics you want to add, in this case it is 975527. You will have to make this file manually if this is the first custom cosmetic you whitelist on your server. (Make sure to ONLY add the Project IDs separated by a comma and a space(1, 2, 3)
  4. 4: Make sure to save both files and restart your server; from now on you should be able to add new custom cosmetics to file.txt without having to restart your server
  5. 5: For official servers the CosmeticWhitelistOverride endpoint is https://cdn2.arkdedicated.com/asa/OfficialCosmeticWhitelist.txt