weizPVP (Dragonflight)


NOTE: You may have to delete the old weizPVP addon/folders with CurseForge and install this version for it to install properly!


I've been an avid user of weizPVP for many many moons and was so sad to hear about the troubles that weiz has been through lately. His brother posted this as a comment on the original weizPVP addon page.


This is Weiz's brother from real life.


He said that the project is open-source and welcomes other developers to continue developing it under other names, as they see fit. He would appreciate a mention somewhere if someone ends up continuing it; but it is not required."

I have not only left him on as the owner of this addon, but I also put all proceeds of this fork over to weizPVP as well. I am not doing this for any kind of gain for myself, I have just updated this wonderful addon, so that it does not create any LUA errors for the Dragonflight v10.0.0 prepatch system due to the changes Blizzard has made to the API. Most of the changes I have fully commented on, and on the SVN source code, I even uploaded the ORIGINAL 9.2.0 weizPVP code first, so you can see in the COMMIT logs all of the changes I have made. His addon comes with a lot of Ace3 and other various libraries to simplify some of the code used for the mini map icon and such. Most of these I have updated, granted the Ace3 changes are in ALPHA format, but everything is up and running for me in the Dragonflight prepatch. I love this addon so much and there's no way I could let it just die into the oblivion. I hope weiz gets well soon and can someday return to us in A.V.M!


Now when it comes to adding new features, there were some things I had suggested to weiz to be added a while ago and I may take some time to add them. Like for example, having a popup message when a Demon Hunter hits Spectral Sight and you are on a class that can Stealth so you will know to be on the lookout for this Demon Hunter and/or click their name on weizPVP to highlight them to see exactly how close they are to you :) Reading someone else's code is a big job in and of itself, but I've been coding for 30+ years, so it should be ok to comment about features and any kind of bugs you may encounter.


Should be able to click on players in the box now to target them. Thanks bacara3d!


P.S. weiz if you are out there reading this, PLEASE contact Mesostealthy in-game on Dentarg, or try to find me on Battle.NET, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter/X, A.V.M, etc I hope you are recovering well!






Creative Commons License


🐞 Please report issues to: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/weizpvp/issues

OVERVIEW (Last updated for v1.9.9 - FEB 2022)

weizPVP is an addon dedicated to one thing: World PVP.

The core features include:

  • Expansive player detection
  • Health and death updates
  • Dead player display icons and sorting
  • Stealth Alerts
  • Role detection
  • Level estimation
  • Crosshairs
  • Kill On Sight list
  • Self-maintaining, Self-optimizing player database

Many other features are included such as intelligent player sorting, phase detection, on-flight-path detection, player connection status and distance estimation. Another goal of weizPVP is to be efficient as possible by constantly making improvements to reduce memory and CPU usage (world pvp can be laggy enough). Whether you're solo doing a world quest or raiding an enemy city, weizPVP is there to keep you current on the enemy situation so you can make informed decisions, using accurate data, displayed on a easy to use interface.


🖥️ Main Window

  • A list of recently detected enemy players includes:
    • Name
    • Level
    • Role
    • Guild
    • Class
    • Realm ( '*' displayed for players not from your realm)
    • Health Updates
    • Dead player indicator and sorting
    • Clickable player bars that target the player.
    • Scrollable player list.
    • Nearby count of the number of players
    • Move, minimize, restore, and resize the window
    • Pin or lock the window in place.
    • Status Bar with a growing list of notifications from player and addon events.

🗺️ Minimap Icon and Data Broker support

  • Minimap icon or data broker displays show the nearby count
  • One Click to hide/show the main window or toggle the interface options

👁️ Stealth Detection

  • Pop up notifications showing the player and what ability, or item was used.
  • Sound notifications
  • Status Bar messages

🎯 Crosshairs

  • Color change based on class.
  • Net-o-Matic icon appears when usable
  • Display the target's name and guild
  • Adjustable opacity/alpha, scale, and line thickness

💀 Kill on Sight

  • Add/Remove players from the list or unit frames
  • Indicator on player bars
  • When Crosshairs are enabled, shows a special indicator for KOS players
  • Priority sorting on player list
  • Custom sound alert
  • Chat output alert-