is a lightweight chat mod.

Its aim is to not take the glory from other chat mods.
but to say thanks to all of them.


-*-Allow the use of arrow keys editbox.

-*-Allow the use of moving the editbox to all sides.

-*-Editbox set to top or bottom of the chat.

-*-Chat copy (right click a chat channel for the copy option.).

-*-Short channel names (Party=P,Guild=G,RAID=R ect.).

-*-Scrolldown (with shift held down and scroll up or down. will
jump to the top or bottom of that chat.).

-*-Left click for friends window. and right click for emote window, on the
social/Freinds icon inside the chat frame, at the upright corner.

-*-A custom Timestamp.

-*-A popup notice of events, (ie lfg,wts. will show not just
in the chat box, but in the middle of your screen.).

-*-URL copy. (to copy web address, friends may send to you to
go and look at.).

-*-Chat Sounds. (will make sounds when Guild,Party,Raid,
Battleground. ect, says somthing.).

-*-Disable Fade. (chat will fade out.).

-*-Alt click invite. (lets you press and hold Alt and click
on someones name in the chat box to invite them.).

-*-At top of the wChat.lua you will find options to show or hide.

-*-And More!!!

Please note. some features have to be turned on though
Interface/Game/Social tab ingame
Also to change the Chat font size you can do by right clicking on a tab.

Please leave your feedback.

and a big thanks to all who helped me.