Play WoW on 3 monitors. Enlarge you FoV! 🍆


  1. Download and install AutoHotkey. You need this free software to force the WoW window to spread on your monitors.
  2. Install the add-on under the Interface/AddOns folder. TripleScreen works with all WoW versions.
  3. Launch WoW.
  4. Open the main Menu > System > Graphics.
  5. Set Display mode to Fullscreen (windowed) and Window size to Default or Auto.
  6. Click OK to save.

How to use

  1. Launch WoW.
  2. Make sure your Display mode is set to Fullscreen (windowed) and Window size to Default or Auto under the graphics options.
  3. Run the .ahk script that matches your monitor setup.
  4. Enjoy!

If there is no .ahk script matching your monitor setup, make a copy of one of the scripts, open it in a text editor then change the values for monitorWidth and monitorHeight.