About Fishing Skill Tracker 

It's a plug-in for Titan Panel that will track your actual current fishing level with fishing buffs. Compact and customizable.

  • Requires Titan Panel
  • Enable by right-clicking the Titan Panel > Professions > Titan Fishing Skill Tracker
  • As you level your fishing, the display will always show you actual fishing skill level with fishing skill buffs in green text.
  • The tool tip will show your base skill level, fishing skill buffs (green number) and your actual current skill level.
  • The display will go to a single number when your base skill has reached your max trained level.
  • If you are less than the maximum possible skill level (currently 800) but at your maximum trained level, the tool tip will display "YOU NEED TO TRAIN!" at the bottom.
  • Change the display by right-clicking on the plug-in and select the options you prefer.