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Displays incoming trains in the Thogar encounter

Thogar Assist


  • LFR, Normal, Heroic Train Data (7:45 minutes fight length)
  • Mythic Train Data (8 minutes fight length)
  • Lane Numbers (helps calling trains in voice)
  • Customizable raid icons on lanes (also helps calling trains)
  • Highlight the lane your are standing in
  • Show a minimap blip where you are standing
  • Sound warning when a train is incoming in the lane you are standing
  • Request a feature here!

ToDo / User requested features:

  • Vertical lanes
  • Lanes rotating (like minimap)
  • Suggested lane (minimal movement)

Slash Commands:

  • /thogar: Show the display
  • /thogar config: Open the config window
  • /thogar reset: Reset the display
  • /thogar [un]lock: Locks/Unlocks the display
  • You can also use /thogarassist

How to help:

  • Enable debug mode in the options (this will display your time in combat in the window, it should disturb you)
  • Record your attempts / Stream them on twitch
  • Upload the longest attempt to youtube / highlight it on twitch
  • Post the link in a ticket or pm
  • Thank you :)