Texture Browser

This is a developer tool which allows you to browse all icons within WoW's interface. It should probably have been named "Icon Browser" instead.

You can shift click on a texture entry to paste the path into the chat box, and then copy it from there to insert into your code.

To open, use slash command "/tb" or "/texturebrowser".


As texture paths in-game was phased out in favor of textureIDs, it was no longer possible to do any meaningful navigation or filtering using this tool.
To fix that issue, a complete table of all valid textureIDs mapped to their real texture paths, has been supplied with this addon through the "ArtTextureID.lua" file.

The downside is that as more and more icons are added to the game, this file needs to be updated.
Another thing is that it takes up quite a bit of memory, so its recommended to only enable this addon when needed.

Icon Count

  • As of patch 4.0.1a, a total of 6233 icons can be viewed using this tool.
  • As of patch 4.0.3a, a total of 7949 icons can be viewed using this tool.
  • As of patch 8.0, a total of 20073 icons can be viewed using this tool.