Talent Tree Viewer (calculator) | Dragonflight


An in-game talent tree calculator and more!


Usage is simple, click the minimap button, or type /tv or /talentviewer in chat to open the talent frame

Use the dropdown to pick between any class, and any spec, and view their talents


The talent frame looks similar to the default blizzard talent frame, and you can interact with it exactly like the default talent UI, but with more freedom.

(this screenshot is taken from a Death Knight, and shows you can inspect and view any tree you want, and preview builds)


Manage your talent loadouts, with Talent Loadout Manager

This addon is integrated into Talent Loadout Manager, which adds a sidebar to the talent UI, allowing you to view, save, and generally manage, as many custom loadouts as you want.

As a bonus feature, you can also view your blizzard loadouts from any character, saving you from relogging.


Supported features:

  • Inspect the talent tree for any spec you like (including Evokers)
  • Unlike some other addons, this works for newly created character who don't have any spec selected yet
  • Select talents to preview a build
  • Integrated into the Talent Tree Tweaks addon, that adds more information on tooltips, and much, much more
  • Shift-clicking talents links them in chat
  • Import builds - if the import string is for another spec, the view will automatically to that spec's tree
  • Export builds - exports to string, which you can then import into TalentTreeViewer, or into blizzard's new Loadout Import
  • Search for talents, using the same magic logic as what Blizzard uses in their Talent UI
  • Show the level requirement, together with the talent points spent, and allow you to spend points up to max level
  • A checkbox to disable realistic restrictions (e.g. when you haven't spent enough points at the top of the tree, or when you refund a key talent), to allow to you more freely play around with the talent trees
  • As of 10.1.0, the talent trees will automatically show the most up to date data, for each spec (blizzard restricted this initially, requiring an addon update for every talent hotfix etc)


Planned/work-in-progress features:
  • Either add a button to fill the starter build into the open tree, or open the starter build by default when you switch views
  • Add a button to apply the Talent Tree Viewer build to your currently selected loadout, rather than having to export the viewer, and import in the default talent UI


Other ideas:
  • Maybe allow selecting as many talents as you want while enforcing restrictions is disabled; which means you'd have negative talent points left
  • Suggestions are welcome


This addon integrates with BlizzMove to make the Talent UI movable, I strongly recommend using it

It's also integrated with Talent Tree Tweaks, which adds a ton of extra features, it's a must-have, even for the default Talent Tree experience


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