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SimpleMD is a small addon used to broadcast information about your threat redirection spells to your raid or party. SimpleMD now tracks both Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade

Slash Commands

/simplemd or /smd


  • Automatic broadcasting on successful Misdirection/Tricks cast, even from within macros
  • Multiple display zones including, the chat frame, to a custom channel, raid warning, raid and party chat, and even to Scrolling Combat Text addons
  • Warnings include: MD/Tricks cast, MD/Tricks fading, and cooldown information
  • Optional cooldown bars for a visual representation of everyone's MD/Tricks cooldown
  • Bars will switch to a 4 or 6 second duration when you are actually transferring threat (for MD and Tricks respectively)
  • Improved combat log handling means that SimpleMD is able to track all threat redirection effect casts and fades from any hunter or rogue, even if they don't have SimpleMD
  • The addon only sends messages for cooldown alerts
  • CD Bars and Cast/Fade/CD warnings are only displayed if you are in a party or raid


Although the addon will detect and display message without any translations, everything will be in English. Currently nothing is fully translated. If you would like to help translate this addon please visit the WoWAce page and use the Localization Tool. Also, if you update the translations, please file a ticket about it so I can make an updated release.

Reporting Bugs/Suggestions

Please use the ticket system to submit bug reports. It makes my life much easier and will get problems fixed quicker since I get an email when a ticket is submitted, but I get nothing for comments on Curse. If you need to discuss something and would rather not use a ticket you can also use the forum thread on the WoWAce forums.