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Tired of encountering players who've made your gaming experiences less enjoyable? Whether remembering the heroes or the not-so-great allies, #Shitlist is the solution. This WoW addon lets you create different preset reasons and personalized comments on players, tracking the good, the bad, and everything in between.

Features to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

  • Player Note Tracking: Reasons and player notes are conveniently displayed on tooltips.
  • Personalized Player Notes: Craft colored notes and preset reason with alert effect to tailor your gaming experiences.
  • Effortless Player Management: Easily add, edit, or remove players and their associated reasons, even if they're offline or not your current target.
  • Accessible Minimap Icon: Swiftly access Shitlist options, reasons, and listed players through the minimap icon for seamless on-the-go management.
  • Alert System: Set up sound alerts for listed players or specific reasons, ensuring you're promptly informed when encountering them.

How to Utilize

  • Options: Navigate to Interface Options -> Addons -> Shitlist -> Options or access if from the Minimap Icon.
  • Customizing Reasons: Modify preset reasons by visiting Interface Options -> Addons -> Shitlist -> Reasons.
  • Adding/Editing Players: Right-click a player to add or remove them from the #Shitlist. Alternatively, Modify listed players by visiting Interface Options -> Addons -> Shitlist -> Listed Players for comprehensive player management.

Versatile Applications

This addon proves invaluable across various in-game scenarios:

  • Questing: Recall helpful or troublesome players encountered during quests.
  • Raids & Dungeons: Track valuable teammates or identify those causing issues.
  • World & PvP: Easily identify players during intense battles or tricky situations.
  • Preventing Hassles: Avoid repeated encounters with troublesome players.
  • Blacklisting Capability: Use #Shitlist as a blacklist, steering clear of unwanted interactions.

Download & Contribution