Raider.IO Mythic Plus, Raid Progress, and Recruitment

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View Group Leader Scores in Dungeon Finder

While browsing groups in Dungeon Finder you will see the Mythic Plus Scores for each group's leader.

View Applicant Scores in Dungeon Finder

Tooltip details

Tooltips will show current overall and per-role scores. Additionally, the previous season's overall score will be shown if greater than current season. If you register a Raider.IO account you can even have your Main's score show while on your alt's.

View Scores of Members in Your Guild

View Scores when Searching for Players in the "Who" UI

Easily Copy Raider.IO URL for Applicants

Sometimes you'll want to browse a player's profile on Raider.IO directly. Right-click to copy their profile URL and then paste it into your browser. This can also be used when targeting players.