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Shadowland's Tazavesh, and Burning Crusade's Karazhan are now live!


QE Dungeon Tips is available for both Retail and Burning Crusade Classic. You can read more at https://questionablyepic.com/mythicplus-addon/.


Burning Crusade

Huge thanks to Aurleis for leading the charge on the Burning Crusade Classic version of the addon. Thanks to their hard work there are thousands of tips to have you blazing through Burning Crusade dungeons in record time. 



QE Live Shadowlands



QE Dungeon tips adds useful tips and information to a stunning gold frame including:

  • Must interrupt spells (and what they do)
  • Priority mobs in tough pulls and those you should skip entirely
  • Stuff you need to dodge and when to use defensives
  • And all kinds of other stuff

Frame less stunning than advertised? The addon can add the information to mob tooltips instead. 


It'll also adjust to whatever role you're playing. Are you the upcoming greatest tank in the universe? You'll see useful tank tips. Do you prefer to keep the greatest tank in the universe alive by healing instead? Healing tips. 

 Class Tips

Pictured tooltip sample only. Doing great not guaranteed. 


QEDT (too early for an acronym?) changes your dungeon experience by giving you full information on each mob as you progress, removing a lot of the anxiety and nerves that can come with clearing a dungeon for the first time. Consider this your mini-guide to dungeon, Mythic+ content and Classic Raid content.



Changes in Version 5.2

  • - Added all Burning Crusade dungeons.



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