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Profession Assistance

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This is a simple and basic addon that shows milling, prospecting and disenchanting sources for your crafting materials! Along with that, it now also shows the locations of all the herbs & ores!

This simple tooltip "enchanter" is very straight forward and in easy use!

Type /PA, /Profession Assistance, /Profession_Assistance to open the option panel!


All items & zones should be automatically localized, with potential small exceptions.


Disenchanting is a bit in a funky place at the moment due Dragonflight introducing the possibility to choose your expansion to level.

This has been reworked into more general information as there is no reliable way for me anymore to give accurate data.



Prospecting is a bit in a funky state as well as far I can tell, since this has been changed as well & me not playing Dragonflight yet I got no clue what is properly changed.

WoWhead is the source I use and they have 0 information on prospecting odds at the moment of writing. I'll be updating that more accordingly once I have more information!


Got any questions / comments?

Don't be shy to ask! Any feedback is very appreciated!

You can contact me either through commenting below (Not recommended anymore, as i can easily miss comments on this page)

Or through twitter! I check there very frequently and has a much higher chance for a proper timed reply! @Dragonfreaky

Another place you can check out my progress and current business is at my trello page!


A note on requests for translations:

Check out this page over here localization page and see if you can contribute to help finish the last pieces!


Currently progress found at my trello over here at Localizations