When someone says something like "link agi on boots" or "what are the mats for mongoose" it will attempt to find and link what they asked for. Links can be player spells, talents, or many craft/enchanting things. This was made for TBC, so it won't have anything useful for a leveling person asking for low level things. Each chat type (numbered channels/group/guild/etc) has its own setting of how to respond or not.



/pl maxmessages <amount> - limit your reply to this many chat messages

/pl suggest <"on"|"off"> - if whispered to link an enchantment but nothing was found, reply with a list of possibilities (except for weapons because there's too many!)

/pl content <tier> - only link gems and enchantments at or below this content level - can be: T4, T5, T6, ZA, SW

/pl <chat> <setting> - sets how to respond to each chat type


<chat> can be: all, channel, group, guild, say, whisper, yell

<setting> can be:

off - don't watch for link requests here

short - say the links on the same chat only if it will be 1 chat message, or else whisper them instead

long - say the links on the same chat no matter how many messages it will be

whisper - send the links in a whisper

show - only print the links to yourself without replying


Command to directly send links somewhere:

/pl to <chat type or a name to whisper> <search text>

<chat type> can be:

me - just print the links to yourself

target - whisper your current target the links

guild, officer, party, raid

group - picks raid if possible or else party

someone's name - whisper a specific person



/pl to illidan hit food

/pl to me agi pot and agi food

/pl to guild epic stam gem



  • It works best when the request's details come before what it's for, like "stats on chest" instead of "chest stats." It will try to understand either way though.
  • There were a lot of special cases to handle (like how Surefooted is both a talent and enchant, and someone asking about a stamina gem surely doesn't want to see millions of half stamina/half other stat gems), so there may be other things I haven't noticed yet.
  • It's possible the content level is set wrong for some items but I hope not!
  • There are 2 types of searches: keyword-based (agi on gloves) and name-based (seal of blood). Keyword-based searches can be combined in a message ("link agi on back/hands and stats for chest please"), but name-based searches can't be.



Q: Wouldn't it make more sense to only link what you have instead of answering everything?!

A: A druid must always be prepared to spread knowledge.



This addon was originally made for the old 2.4.3 TBC client and was converted a few days before the release of TBC Classic. From the testing I could do as a guildless, rickety feral without many resources, it seems to be working.