The latest build now includes support for cross-realm buddies. Please report any issues!

PIBuddy is a useful tool that helps synchronize Power Infusion with the cooldowns of another player in your party or raid.

Track Cooldowns

  • As a Priest, PIBuddy allows you to set a DPS Buddy and automatically keep track of their major DPS cooldown.
  • For all other classes, PIBuddy allows you to set a Priest Buddy and keep track of their Power Infusion cooldown.
  • Every class and specialization is supported, even tanks!

One-Way Mode

PIBuddy is designed for both the Priest and DPS player to have the addon installed. This ensures that abilities that modify the duration and cooldown of your abilities are mirrored to your buddy. However, if your selected buddy is not running the addon, PIBuddy will fall back to one-way mode. In this mode, we will track some known cooldown defaults and "best guesses" based on events in the combat log.

When running PUG groups like Mythic+ dungeons, you can simply Right Click on the DPS Cooldown icon to set your current target as your buddy. This will allow you to track their major cooldown after its first usage, and synchronize your usage of Power Infusion for the remainder of the dungeon. You can swap buddies at any time, although some features like Macro generation will require you to exit combat to apply.

For DPS players, you can do the same by right clicking on the Power Infusion icon with a Priest selected.

Party and Raid

  • PIBuddy allows you to set a different target for both Party and Raid content.
  • This allows you to buddy up with various players while running dungeons, and not have to reset your buddy again each raid night.

  • Send buddy requests to other players running the addon.


  • Automatically create a macro to cast Power Infusion on your buddy, falling back to nearby friendly players. This ensures you won't waste Power Infusion if your buddy is dead or offline.
  • Any time your buddy is changed, the macro will be updated and your Power Infusion will go to the right player without any mouseovers required.
  • Macros can only be updated while out of combat.

Configure Cooldowns

  • Select the major cooldown that you'd like to sync with your priest buddy. All major cooldowns for DPS and Tank classes are supported.
  • For example, as a Death Knight you can choose to track a different cooldown for Blood, Frost and Unholy specializations.
  • You can change the cooldown to track at any time, and it will be synced immediately with your buddy.

Request PI (PI ME!)

PIBuddy provides an optional button that can request a PI from your Priest Buddy at any time. The priest's Buddy Frame will glow, indicating that they should ignore the current state of your cooldowns and PI you now. We will also glow the raid/party frames of your buddy in case you prefer mouseover macros.


PIBuddy can warn you if your are missing the Power Infusion or Twins of the Sun Priestess talents. If you rely on a focus target, PI Buddy can also warn you if your focus target is not set or you have no buddy in your current content.

Customize the Frame

All aspects of the PIBuddy frame can be enabled and disabled to fit your preferences.

By default, everything will display:

If you prefer a more minimal style, you can disable showing your own cooldowns and only display the information you want to see.


  • /pibuddy set - Sets your current target as your PI Buddy.
  • /pibuddy request - Request a Power Infusion from your Priest Buddy. You can macro this into your DPS cooldowns.
  • /pibuddy sync - Resyncs with your Buddy (debug purposes only)