nPlates 2.0

Last Updated: Jan 19, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Aug 13, 2016

Owner: thomasjs

nPlates 2.0
Nameplates for use with Neav UI or standalone.

All Blizzard settings work with these nameplates and it also has the following custom options.

  • Tank Mode: Color nameplate by current threat status. Green = Tanking, Orange = Loosing Threat
  • Color Name By Threat: Same as above but only for the name.
  • Off Tank Coloring: Changes nameplate color if the target is being tanked by off tank.
  • Health Options: You can show current health, percentage, both, or neither on the health bar.
  • Set Name Size: Set nameplate name size via slider.
  • Display Level
  • Display Server Name
  • Abbreviate Long Names
  • Show PvP Icon
  • Hide Friendly Nameplates: Hides health bar for friendly targets showing only the name and cast bar.
  • Display Class Colors: Show class colors on friendly and enemy players.
  • Sticky Nameplates: Sets if nameplates should cling to the edge of the screen.
  • Execute Coloring: Changes nameplate color when target reaches execute range. Includes a 0-35% slider and the ability to pick the color.
  • Set Nameplate Scale
  • Set Nameplate Minimum Alpha
  • Set Nameplate Range

Slash Commands

  • /nplates config: To bring up options screen.
  • /nplates reset: To reset all cvar options back to Blizzard defaults.

The latest updates can be found on github.
If you are interested in localization support for your language you can submit translations here.
Currently supports English, German, Russian, and Traditional Chinese.


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