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Now supports WotLK Classic



Character Info / Photo Mode

This addon will reset camera view #2 and #5.

Click on this button to open Narcissus. You may set a hotkey later.


Character Info

A standalone character UI that comes with several quality-of-life features.



Save and use equipment sets.


Swap items easily


Optional Paper Doll Widgets

You can use Equipment Manager to save and change items quickly. And you can click and drag them onto your Action Bars. (just like in Retail)


You can mouse over equipment slots and press the Alt key to show compatible items. (just like in Retail)


Photo Mode

Designed for character presentation and storytelling.

You can add any targeted unit into the stage or select any NPC from the embedded database.

You can adjust their positions, sizes, apply animations, and even spell visuals, change the light direction, density, color to make the actors blend in perfectly with your surroundings.

Export layer masks / green screen images for photo composition.


Click on Group Photo to add other players/NPCs