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MobileVault allows you to take a snapshot of your guild bank and view it from anywhere. The addon also provides item counts on the tooltips, from any vault you have scanned.

Feedback is appreciated, please use the ticket system to report bugs or request new features!

If you are upgrading from a 2.0 version to a 3.0 version your saved vaults will be wiped due to a database overhaul. Rescan your guild banks to get data again.
If you get an error after updating when you mouseover an item, delete your saved variables and rescan your guild banks. If you still get an error file a ticket.

Slash Commands

To access the configuration screen type /mgv or /mobilevault

To show the snapshot window type /mgv show or use the LDB launcher.


  • Passive Scanning of the Guild Bank as you browse
  • The snapshot frame very closely resembles the real guild bank, navigation is easy
  • Adds item counts to the item's tooltip so you always know how many you have
  • Tooltip counts can be pulled from multiple guild databases, so you can see your bank toon's guild bank counts from your main
  • View any saved vault snapshot from any character with the new Guilds button
  • LDB feed for easy access to the vault


If you would like to help translate Mobile Vault into your language please use the Localization Tool. Also, if you update the translations, please file a ticket about it so I can make an updated release.