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Automatic log you trades/mails. Low CPU usage.



Do you think it's hard for remember the name of a mail which received yesterday? This Addon will help you!

Can log every trades/mails information, such as Name, Item, Gold, so you can review your golds or items from who or hand to who. 


v1.2.7 Add Calendar

Add Calendar Mode, and you can sift your logs by date now.


v1.2.6 Modify sift function.

Now you can sift any alt by dropdown list.


If this alt not be recorded by this addon, click "Sift" will reloadui.


if you Maintance the alt list by click Maintance button, addon will delete all alts except the character who in use, and reloadui.

It works correct now.


Addon Prtscreen: (Chinese Edition)