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This addon is geared towards Multiboxers but can be very useful for any character.


  • While multiboxing I've gone from mashing my IWT multiple times with a LootClose macro to pressing IWT once and almost always being complete within 2 seconds.
  • Herbing the same node on 5 characters and all 5 getting their materials immediately.
  • On a single character, everything gets hoovered up quickly. 


  • LootAssist deactivated your loot window thus speeding up the initial loot times as the window does not need to load. 
  • LootAssist attempts to loot repeatedly if it get Item is Busy error when looting an item. Quite common when multiple characters attempt to loot a single item at the same time. Example- quest item from a rare mob. This means you do not end up with a stuck item and always get it. 
  • LootAssist will list to the chat window if you left without looting an item. If you leave before that busy item eventually got to you, you get a message saying what was left behind. While annoying, it's a very good example; leaving ancient mana behind. 
  • LootAssist has an Account wide default setting and individual character settings so you do not have to have it active on all characters. 

 Slash Commands

-- /lassdefaultoff >> Account Default off
-- /lassdefaulton >> Account Default on
-- /lassoff >> Character specific off
-- /lasson >> Character specific on
-- /lasscheck >> Check and print out current settings to chat