This is the successor addon to 
ACPLoadoutReminder, BetterAddonListLoadoutReminder and TalentLoadoutReminder
LoadoutReminder lets you choose talents, equip sets, addon sets and specializations to be reminded of in certain situations
It then provides buttons to quickly switch your corresponding loadouts to the configured ones


Currently Supported Addon List Addons:


Currently Supported Talent Loadout Management Addons:
Talent Loadout Manager


Currently Supported Equipment Set Management Addons:

If you then load into such an instance or target a boss it suggests to switch to a different loadout based on your selections configuration



Shows a command help text

/loadoutreminder news
/lor news
Shows the last update news
/loadoutreminder check
/lor check
Makes an immediate check for the corresponding loadouts based on your current situation

/loadoutreminder config
/lor config
Opens the addon options