LibNameplateRegistry-1.0 is an embeddable library providing an abstraction layer for tracking and querying Blizzard's Nameplate frames with ease and efficiency.


  • Links GUID to nameplates (now reliably since WoW 7)
  • Provides callbacks to track nameplate appearance and disappearance
  • Caches and maintain nameplates' related data
  • Provides a simple API to get information about nameplate frames

Do not hesitate to request features via WoWAce's ticket system or using GitHub's issue tracker.

To implement LibNameplateRegistry-1.0 in your add-on:

  • Add the following line in your .pkgemeta file:

    Libs/LibNameplateRegistry-1.0: git://git.wowace.com/wow/libnameplateregistry-1-0/mainline.git/LibNameplateRegistry-1.0

  • Add LibNameplateRegistry-1.0 to the OptionalDeps and X-embeds fields of your add-on's TOC file. Example:

    ## OptionalDeps: Ace3, LibNameplateRegistry-1.0

    ## X-Embeds: Ace3, LibNameplateRegistry-1.0

  • Add the following line in your embeds.xml file:

    <Include file="Libs\LibNameplateRegistry-1.0\LibNameplateRegistry-1.0.xml" />

  • Finally, check the API documentation which provides a fully working example and callbacks details.

For general discussion about this library, use the dedicated thread on WoWAce.com forum.

Bitcoin donation address: 12wJu3fX2HyNttg4bvsTmpBf66bzFqwVNy