The existing GetMapNameByID API or LibBabble-Zone-3.0 already provided the main zone names and most of the major sub-zone names, so it should be sufficient to fulfil most of the needs of looking-up the zone names' translation. But since above two methods still did not include all the sub-zones' information, that's why this library was created.

What's Included

Currently the location/zone/sub-zone names from below MPQ files are included:

  • AchievementCriteria (Zone Info only)
  • AreaTable
  • JournalInstance
  • Map
  • WMOAreaTable
  • Scenarios
  • TaxiNodes
  • UiMap

But not everything in those MPQ files are included. For example, there is no reason to include the names which contains "NOTUSED", right?

Notes for Translators

  • Please do not manually edit the lua to revise the translation, since the translation entries will be overwritten by WoWAce localization exporting feature. The SVN repository is locked now and it will be read-only to all users.
  • If you would like to help on translate or revise the translation, please go to: http://www.wowace.com/addons/libbabble-subzone-3-0/localization/
  • If you got quite a lot of translation to be added into the database, you may try the import translation feature, or send me the translation and I will do the importing thing for you.
  • Please see http://forums.wowace.com/showthread.php?t=15655.... This post will provide you with information on how to contribute to the translation of this babble library.
  • In case you are not aware the SVN repository is locked and you already done the translation revision but can not commit it to SVN, you can send me your revision. And then I will upload it to server.
  • If you find any zone is not included, please PM me or leave comment to Curse / WoWAce, and I will add it if it looks reasonable.
  • In the localization interface that you might see several entries being marked as untranslated, that could be due to those have exactly the same strings as English ones.

Possible Problems / Known Issues

The location names extracted from MPQ files are not unique. For several reasons some of the location names have multiple entries in the MPQ tables. And I do find sometimes the translation is not consistent. However, the LibBabble can only have unique entry for each name. So even it is true that some specific English location name may have multiple translation and it's valid, but we can only keep one in this library. If you found any existing translation which I extracted from MPQ appears to be improper, you are welcome to update them. Well you'd better leave a message in the "Comment" so that we can have a record. Since next time when I extract the MPQ again, your revision might get overwritten.

Release Frequency

When will a new version be released? It depends. Basically I will judge from below conditions:

  • If there are huge changes being implemented recently, then a new release will be out when it comes to be stable.
  • If we got several minor changes being implemented, such as some translation update or some few new entries being added, then I probably will wait a little bit longer (maybe 2 weeks) to make a new release.

To use stable release or the SVN main trunk / alpha release?

Again, it depends.

  • If you are an addon developer or you are familiar with coding, it's fine for you to monitoring on SVN's main trunk and try to get every revision to your local hard drive. But you need to take the risk as the latest revision may not be stable or even has syntax error (Oops....).
    • Also note that sometimes I will create a special revision with empty table, and leave the keywords replacement there, in order to trigger the back-end database exporting. Once the exporting is done, then I will merge it into a new revision. The whole process may take half to one hour.
  • If you are a normal addon user, then basically the addon you installed which include this library, should already include the most recent stable version. There is no need for you to pay too much attention on if there is any new release for this library.
    • Basically, your addon author will pay attention on it. But if for any reason the addon you installed is not updated frequently and you have the need to update this library, it would be better to get the most recent stable version.

Which Addon use this library?

As far as I know, below addons use this library:

If you are the addon owner and you addon use this library but not mentioned above, PM me.