Legible Mail
Font Changer for In-Game Mail

The font blizzard uses for the mail creates a nice aesthetic. Sometimes, though, you just want to read it and hurry back to separating mobs from their hit-points.

Best Usage: While reading or sending mail, type /LM and adjust till you're happy.

Nota Bene:

    * /lm -- loads the configuration UI

    * Font selections depending on the mods you have installed that also use libSharedMedia.

    * Settings are currently global so you only need to do it once.


For Advanced Users with their own code base, you can just use the below, using an in-game fontObject (defined in FrameXML/Fonts.xml), your own custom font, or one from libSharedMedia.

OpenMailBodyText:SetFontObject(fontObject)	-- READING
SendMailBodyEditBox:SetFontObject(fontObject)	-- WRITING


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