Leatrix Plus (Classic)

7,174,178 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 5, 2021 Game Version: 1.13.6

Leatrix Plus is an efficient and modular addon which offers lots of quality of life improvements to enhance the default user interface.

Click the minimap button or enter /ltp to open Leatrix Plus.  Some options have little configuration buttons next to them for further configuration.  For a list of slash commands, enter /ltp help.  If you're looking for map enhancement, there is now a standalone addon called Leatrix Maps (Classic).  If you are looking for Leatrix Plus for Shadowlands, it's here.

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Feature List



Automate quests - Automatically select, accept and turn-in quests. Quests which have a gold requirement are excluded automatically.

Automate gossip - Automatically select a single gossip option by holding down the alt key when opening a gossip window.  Banker, taxi, trainer and vendor gossip windows are automatically skipped with no alt key requirement.

Accept summon - Automatically accept summon requests.

Accept resurrect - Automatically accept non-combat resurrection requests.

Release in PvP - Release automatically after you die in a battleground.


Sell junk automatically - Sell all grey items in your bags when you talk to a merchant.

Repair automatically - Repair your armor automatically when you talk to a repair merchant.



Block duels - Block duel requests from people who are not friends or guild members.

Block party invites - Block party invite requests from people who are not friends or guild members.

Block friend requests - Block BattleTag and Real ID friend requests.


Party from friends - Automatically accept party invitations from friends or guild members.

Invite from whispers - Automatically invite someone to a group when they whisper a keyword of your choice to you.



Use easy resizing - Resize the chat frame upwards simply by dragging it.

Hide the combat log - Hide the combat log to make more room for chat windows.

Hide chat buttons - Hide the chat buttons to gain screen space.

Unclamp chat frame - Move the chat frame to the very edge of the screen.

Move editbox to top - Move the editbox to the top of the chat frame.


Disable sticky chat - Disable sticky chat so you can switch between group chat and whispers easily.

Use arrow keys in chat - Use the arrow keys to navigate the editbox.

Disable chat fade - Prevent chat text from fading.

Universal group color - Make raid chat text the same color as party chat text.

Use class colors in chat - Show character names in class color in the chat window.

Recent chat window - Open recent chat history in a copy-friendly window.

Increase chat history - Increase chat history from 128 lines to 4096 lines.



Hide error messages - Hide error messages shown in the error frame (with exclusions for a few important errors).

Hide portrait numbers - Hide the damage and healing numbers shown in the portrait and pet frames.

Hide zone text - Hide zone text (such as 'Ironforge').

Text Size

Resize mail text - Resize text in the mail frame.

Resize quest text - Resize text in the quest detail frame.

Resize book text - Resize text in the book frame.



Enhance minimap - Rescale the minimap, hide zone information and use the mousewheel to zoom.

Enhance tooltip - Move, rescale and color the tooltip and show the unit's guild, rank (if same guild) and target.

Enhance dressup - Add tabard and nude buttons and hide the character controls.

Enhance quest log - Make the quest log frame double wide and show quest levels.

Enhance professions - Make the professions frame double wide.

Enhance trainers - Make the trainer frame double-wide.


Show volume slider - Add a useful volume control to the character sheet.

Show auction controls - Add controls to the auction house frame to speed up creating auctions.

Show cooldowns - Show up to five beneficial cooldown icons (of your choice) above the target frame for easy cooldown tracking.

Show durability status - Show itemised durability status in the character sheet and show an overall percentage after you die.

Show vanity controls - Show helm and cloak toggle checkboxes on the character sheet.

Show bag search box - Show a bag search box in the backpack frame and bank frame.

Show free bag slots - Show the number of free bag slots.

Show raid button - Move the raid frame toggle button so that you can toggle the raid container frame without opening the raid management frame.

Show player chain - Show a rare, elite or rare elite chain around the player frame.

Show Wowhead links - Show Wowhead links in the quest log frame.



Manage frames - Move and rescale the player frame, target frame and mirror timer bar frame.

Manage buffs - Move and rescale buff frame.

Manage widget - Move and rescale the widget frame (commonly used for PvP scores).

Class colored frames - Show the player and target frame backgrounds in class color.

Class icon portraits - Show class icons in the portrait frames.


Hide gryphons - Hide the gryphons shown either side of the main bar.

Hide stance bar - Hide the stance bar.


Graphics and sound

Disable screen glow - Disable the screen glow to reduce nausea.

Disable screen effects - Disable the grey screen of death and the netherworld effect.

Set weather density - Set the density of weather effects.

Max camera zoom - Increase the maximum camera distance to get a bigger view of the action.

Enable viewport - Show customisable borders around the game world with optional screen resize and transparency.

Silence rested emotes - Automatically toggle emote sounds when you enter and exit rested state.

Game options

Disable bag automation - Prevent your bags from opening or closing automatically when you interact with a merchant, bank or mailbox.

Show character addons - Sort the addon list according to character by default.

Disable loot warnings - Hide the warnings that appear when you choose a loot roll option or attempt to sell or mail a tradable item.

Faster looting - Loot creatures significantly faster.

Faster movie skip - Cancel cinematics without being prompted for confirmation.

Stand and dismount - Automatically stand or dismount when an action is prevented because you are seated or mounted.

Show vendor price - Show the vendor price in item tooltips.

Combat plates - Show nameplates automatically when combat starts.

Easy item destroy - Destroy superior items without the need to type delete and show links in all item destroy windows.


Bonus feature

Media player - All of the game music tracks and playable cinematics in an easy to use, categorised and searchable media library.