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Classic support

I do not actively play classic, so there won't be extensive testing there; but for now it seems to work fine. If you find any issues, feel free to report them, but please mention which game version you're playing :)


If you are lazy like me, you'll love this addon :)
I created this for myself to avoid the hassle that can come with inviting people to your guild (especially BNet friends with weird letters in their names)

How this addon works:
This addon listens to your whispers; and if it sees a trigger text ("ginv" for example) it'll send out an invite to that character
Due to restrictions, for guild invites you'll have to click on a popup box to actually invite the player to your guild

Currently, there are 5 default 'triggers':
"ginv", "guildinv", "ginvite" for guild invites
"inv", "invite" for group/raid invites


You can also configure phrases rather than just single words.


Many options can be configured through the settings (type "/iow")