Inventorian is a simple bag addon that combines all individual bags into one huge inventory for easier management.

The design is inspired by Blizzards UI design and heavily influenced by Combuctor, and includes all essential features for a bag and bank addon, including the new functionality introduced in Warlods of Draenor and Legion.

Inventorian's features include:

  • A huge bag and bank, no individual bags
  • Highlights for new items and quest items (Retail only)
  • Item quality borders
  • Searching over the entire inventory or bank (including complex searches, see the syntax)
  • Reagent Bank (Retail only)
  • Bag categories for automatic item sorting (Retail only)
  • Currency tracking (Retail only)
  • NEW! Viewing the bank from anywhere (right-click the "bag" icon in the inventory)
  • NEW! Viewing the bag/bank of other characters (click the portrait for a menu)

Note on WoW Classic: Many features offered by Inventorian rely on information provided by the game itself. Much of this information is not available on Classic, and as such these features are not available there, as they were designed for Retail.


Once installed, Inventorian will take over the role of your primary bag/bank interface, meaning it'll open whenever other bags would open. From your Hotkeys, from visiting the bank NPCs, and anything else. 

You can resize the Inventorian frames by dragging the bottom right corner of any frame. The rows and columns of bag buttons will automatically adjust to fit the frame size you choose.