Hywolf's Harvest Value

UI ingame


Type /hhv to open add-on frame. Make it a macro (while waiting for the minimap icon)

  • Track the Auction House price of the herbs, ores, skins and cloths you harvest.
  • Displays the collected items, their prices and the total price in a small interface.
  • The add-on updates when you harvest herbs, ores, skins, cloths or when you scan the Auction House with Auctionnator.
  • Dragonflight version: items of this extension only.
  • Wotlk version: items of this extension + classic.
  • Classic version: items of this classic only.

Future features

  • Be able to modify the sort order (unit price, stack price or alphabetical)
  • Be able to change display prices by unit price or stack price