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Uploaded Jul 17, 2018
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2018-07-18: v.1.21:

  • Compatibility Check - TOC 8.0

2016-10-26: v.1.20a:

  • TOC 7.1

2016-08-22: v.1.20:

  • Mardum should be complete
  • small additions and fixes

2016-08-06: v.1.19c:

  • all but one treasure has been added to mardum (please let me know if you find the last one)

2016-07-27: v.1.19b:

  • TOC fixed
  • Login message disabled

2016-07-18: v.1.19a:

  • Reupload of the original 1.19 without advertisement. I'm sorry for not realizing it sooner that i got the wrong lua packed!

2016-07-17: v.1.19:

  • Fixed minor compatibility issues
  • The treasures and rares in the Demon Hunter starting experience have been temporarily added to this addon, which will be removed on a later date.
  • Treasures and rares for legion can be found in the new addon Handynotes_LegionRares&Treasures

2016-06-09: v.1.18a:

  • Several smaller fixes to questIDs and mixups

2016-05-25: v.1.18:

  • since many people had problems with the previous bugfix since the default option was to only show the rares missing for the jungle hunter achievement i changed the default value and used a new value so everyone should be seeing everything by default. if you want so see only the ones missing for jungle hunter you have to check the corresponding checkbox in the addons options again

i'm sorry for the inconvenience

2016-05-07: v.1.17:

  • insectKR added a lot of Voidtalon spawnpoints to the list - so i integrated them into the uploaded version
  • the option for tanaan rares to only show the ones needed for the achievement jungle hunter has been fixed

2015-10-06: v.1.16:

  • Mugafo added the often requested Rare Mount Bosses to the corresponding zones and colorcoded the rarespawns, so that it is easier to find the ones you're looking for
  • * If you don't want to see the rare mount bosses on the zonemaps you can disable them one by one in the addons options menu

2015-09-02: v.1.15:

  • Added new 6.2.2 rares. (Courtesy of insectKR - since i'm no longer actively pursuing WoW)

2015-06-29: v.1.14a:

  • Code Bugfixing - no functionality changes

2015-06-27: v.1.14:

  • New Feature: You can now filter the rares in Tanaan via your [Jungle Stalker]-Achievement Progress
  • Optimized Feature: The "show already looted/killed" option is now separately available for treasures/rares
  • Fixed some things in Tanaan

2015-06-23: v.1.13:

  • Removed the 6.1 compatibility section
  • Changed the TOC to 6.2

2015-06-12: v.1.12:

  • Added the treasures and rares for 6.2 Tanaan Jungle
  • The loot will be displayed as soon as 6.2 is live. For now the addon will not try to fetch the items from the server to avoid problems

2015-05-09: v.1.11a:

  • The default "Icon Alpha" got reverted to 1.0, since a lot of people didn't like it. Remember that this is only the default value. You can still change the alpha settings inside the handynotes/draenortreasure options!

2015-05-03: v.1.11:

  • Added the option to display a DBM Arrow for a treasure
  • Just like it's TomTom counterpart it is also only visibile when DBM-Core is loaded to avoid errors.
  • To activate the arrow just rightclick on the treasure you want displayed a choose "Add this treasure as DBM Arrow"
  • The arrow will vanish as soon as you reach your destination. If you want to get rid of it without getting there you can also rightclick on any treasure and select "Hide DBM Arrow"

2015-04-02: v.1.10:

  • Fixed some treasures only containing gold, despite wowhead data claiming otherwise
  • The "Campaign Contributions" in Spires of Arak should now use the correct QuestID and should thereby still be visible after looting "Sailor Zazzuk's 180-Proof Rum"
  • Restless Crate now displays the correct loot
  • minor code adjustments

2015-02-24: v.1.09b:

  • TOC adjustment

2015-01-23: v.1.09a:

  • Fixed a variable that could cause parts of the blizzard ui to not function properly (e.g. the quest ui item buttons)

2015-01-22: v.1.09:

  • Fixed the load-behaviour for the Gorgrond Lumbermill<>Sparring Arena Treasures (i forgot to take care of them after fixing the same problem for the shadowsight elixirs in Spires)
  • * You will still need to reload your ui after building either the lumbermill or the arena to see the treasures (when changing the buildings the wrong treasures will stay active until the ui is reloaded)

2015-01-04: v.1.08:

MMOSimca provided me with a lot of fixes for the addon, since i haven't had much time to work on it lately. Great Work Simca!

Greatly Optimized the Positions of a lot of treasures to be more precise


  • Added a fishing treasure, Sparkling Pool, to Talador.
  • Added a missing Adventurer's Pouch to Nagrand.
  • Added a missing treasure, Gift of the Ancients, to Talador.
  • Added a missing treasure, Spirit's Gift, to Nagrand.
  • Reclassified the Borrok the Devourer event and Pale Fishmonger as treasures instead of rares
  • Added the QuestIDs to (almost) all Gorgrond-Boulders and Gorgrond-Lumbermill Nodes and activated them by default. Please check your individual settings if you used the addon before.
  • Renamed Spectator's Chest to Arena Spectator's Chest.
  • Corrected the drops for the Adventurer's treasures in Nagrand – they all give green items of one kind or another
  • Fixed the note for Bonechewer Spear
  • Finally fixed the Shadowsight Elixir problems. (The QuestID comes back as not completed if polled directly after login. The Addon now waits for 5 seconds before polling the blizzard server, thereby getting the correct answer)


  • Updated coordinates for Dekorhan and Thek'talon in Nagrand. Dekorhan was in completely the wrong spot (the coords previously listed were for a goblin * hologram of him, not the actual rare), and Thek'talon was at one end of his patrol route (now he is in the middle of it).
  • Added 3 rares to Frostfire Ridge.
  • Added 6 rares to Spires of Arak.
  • Added a rare to Shadowmoon Valley.
  • Added Tanaan Jungle and its single rare, Keravnos, one of the level 100 rare elite hydras with no known loot.
  • Corrected loot for the Protectors of the Grove trio in Gorgrond (they can drop a belt in addition to the toy)
  • Added a small note for Demidos and Krud the Eviscerator that killing them rewards an achievement.
  • Added a small note that Orumo the Observer needs 5 people to summon him.

2014-12-02: v.1.07:

  • Added/Fixed many objects based on user feedback (i hope that the things i implemented were correct, otherwise please feel free to send me a message, so i can fix it)
  • Added the Treasures in Bladespire Fortress in Frostfire Ridge
  • * These are deactivated by default because there are some things i am unable to fix right now
  • * * 1) the direction arrow on the minimap changes to one of the treasures while you are in bladespire fortress
  • * * 2) i didn't implement the "DungeonLevel" Feature yet, so all Treasures are displayed on all floors, for now the note will tell you on which floor the treasure can be found

2014-11-23: v.1.06:

  • NEW FEATURE: You should now be able to disable a treasure by rightclicking it on the map a choosing the option "Remove this object from the map"
  • * you can re-enable the removed objects in the same menu
  • NEW FEATURE: Build in TomTom Support (Thanks to olzenkhaw for the idea and a little bit of code inspiration!)
  • * if TomTom is installed and loaded there should be a "Add this Location to TomTom Waypoints" option available in the rightclick menu
  • Beta Feature: Gorgrond Lumber Mill and Sparring Arena Treasures are added but are missing their questIDs, so they will stay active after you loot them. (You can still disable them manually through the rightclick menu) (These Nodes are turned off by default and must be activated in the DraenorTreasures options)
  • Added some loot to level 100 rares (be aware that the level 100 rares can be looted daily and will not always drop their items on the first day)
  • Disabled a few Rarespawns which were not spotted after Beta
  • Fixed some typos and added a few notes

Special Thanks to MMOSimca for sending me a bunch of useful data which also found use in this update, especially in the cleanup department since i haven't had time to check out the treasures and rares myself lately.

2014-11-19: v.1.05:

  • Disabled "Glowing Obsidian Shard" in Frostfire Ridge until someone can prove it exists (interesting fact is that the Burning Pearl Treasures marks both it's own and the QuestID of the "Glowing Obsidian Shard" as finished)
  • Added a note to the "Shadowmoon Treasure" - the QuestID is definitely wrong
  • Added the Treasure "Dusty Lockbox" to Shadowmoon Valley (Thanks to StellarDragon)
  • Added the Young Orc Traveler
  • Fixed the Position of "Lightbearer" in Talador
  • Fixed the Position of "Foreman's Lunchbox" in Talador
  • Fixed the Position of "Pile of Rubble" in Gorgrond
  • Changed the "rare" "Isaari" from Rare to Treasure and moved it to the alliance only category
  • Moved "Norana's Cache" to the horde only category
  • Moved Typhon to the Level100 Rare Category
  • Changed the Behaviour of the Abu'gar Treasures in Nagrand, since the QuestIDs always return false even when looted. The Treasures should now disapear as soon as you finish the quest for the follower
  • "Lady Sena's Other Materials Stash" should now correctly displayed in the horde garrison (since i don't have a horde toon i can't verify this)
  • Moved the Treasures in SoA which require Archaeology to a own category so you can enable/disable them if you like
  • Moved "Clumsy Cragmaul Brute" from FFRare to FFTreasure and added the loot
  • The "Elixirs of Shadow Sight" in Spires of Arak will now be removed from your map as soon as you loot all Gifts of Anzu | The Elixirs will still respawn but i don't know about any other uses
  • Added a few missing glider notes in Nagrand

As soon as i got time i will look into the possibility to manually remove nodes and to allow you to control if a icon should be displayed on the map and/or minimap

2014-11-11: v.1.04:

  • Unless something is severly broken this is the final release before WoD
  • Re-added the Rares for the "Gorgrond Monster Hunter" Achievement now with correct questtracking for both alliance and horde

2014-11-10: v.1.03:

  • Added a few missing Treasures (thanks to Jetty & iTruth)
  • Added the original Itemname/Text/Quality to the tooltips
  • Changed the Treasurechest icons to the icons of the loot, unless the loot is unknown or without an icon
  • * * The Rares are still marked with a skull

2014-11-07: v.1.02:

  • Added the Shamanstones/Shrines to Frostfire Ridge and Shadowmoon
  • Added Descriptions for the Treasures whice require the help of Explorer Goblins in Nagrand and added map elements to show where these are

2014-11-05: v.1.01:

  • Added some missing Treasures/Rares
  • Added Loot to all elements (for which the loot is known)
  • Split up the Loot / Notes into individual Lines of Text for better visibility
  • * * Added Toggles for (not) showing Loot and/or Notes for each Element
  • The Rarespawns are now Split in at least two groups per Zone <100 Rarespawns and Level 100 Rarespawn, both can be (de)activated individually
  • * * Nagrand got a third rarespawn Toggle for Steamwheedle Preservation Society Rarespawns

2014-11-03: v1.00 Initial Release:

  • All usable Data from Wowhead got integrated (Treasure + QuestID)
  • Some Treasures might have the wrong QuestID, while others might be missing
  • The Treasures in the Horde Garrison will most likely be missing/wrong, because the beta is ending too soon...
  • Please leave a message if you find something missing or wrong, so i can fix it (probably not in the first week after release, because REASONS!)

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